February 2012 Newsletter

Eight Books Published in 2012 Goal

This is the year my goal is to publish 8 books.  Usually, I average 6 full-length novels.  Since this is the first newsletter I’ve done in a long time, I figure it might be good list the books I want to publish before December 31.  This is not necessarily in order because sometimes I get inspired to write more in one book than another as I’m writing.

  • Isaac’s Decision (already published; technically it was put on Smashwords on Dec. 25, but it didn’t go on Apple, B&N, Amazon and other sites until after the New Year so I count it as a 2012 book)
  • To Have and To Hold
  • The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife
  • Bound by Honor, Bound by Love
  • Mitch’s Win
  • Her Heart’s Desire
  • Just Good Friends
  • Runaway Bride

That’s the plan.  Now for my progress…

To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold is currently in the third stage of editing.  What this means is that the editor is done and I need to go over it again.  This month, I plan to have two proofreaders go over it once I finish.  I expect this book to be available on Apple, Amazon, B&N, etc in March, though I will say Kobo seems to be wonky so I have no idea if or when the book will be up over there.  Smashwords has been having problems uploading to them for some reason and at last check, another author and I have found our books have been published twice over there, which makes no sense at all.  I emailed Smashwords and am waiting for their reply on the situation. 

I don’t have a blurb for To Have and To Hold yet.  It’s Dave and Mary Larson’s second story, and for those of you who wished Mary had gotten a backbone in Eye of the Beholder and stood up for herself, she does it here.  😉  In the beginning of the book, she gets amnesia and when news comes of her father’s failing health, Dave thinks it might help her remember her past if they go back to Maine.   I was surprised I enjoyed writing their second story as much as I did.  I don’t like to do sequels because I always fear the second book will never be as good as the first, but I think this one actually worked.  I’d like to do a third Dave and Mary book but am waiting for the right plot to come along so no promises on when that will be in the works.

Adding Another Romance Genre to the List of What I Write: the Regency Genre

I have decided to add Regencies to my list of romantic genres that I write, and I already have two covers to go with the books 1 and 2 of the Earl Series.  I do have an idea for book 3 in this series, but I haven’t found the right cover yet.

Book 1


Book 2

Historical US westerns will still be the dominant one I write, but once in a while I like to get a break and do something different.  This allows me to keep my mind fresh and creative.  I can tell when I need a break when I run out of ideas for westerns.  The last western I plan to publish this year is Sally Larson’s story in Her Heart’s Desire. 

So I’m looking at publishing five historical westerns this year (Isaac’s Decision, To Have and To Hold, Mitch’s Win, Her Heart’s Desire, and Bound by Honor, Bound by Love), two contemporaries (Just Good Friends and Runaway Bride) and one Regency (The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife).  If I can swing it, I’d like to get the second Regency out (The Earl’s Hasty Marriage). 

Bound by Honor, Bound by Love Will Conclude the Native American Romance Series

This book will wrap tie the entire series together, much like Bride of Second Chances did for the South Dakota Series.  In this book, Penelope and Cole from A Chance In Time come into play with the two Mandan children they adopted off that orphan train, and this actually becomes an interesting point of conflict for Citlali (hero in Bound by Honor, Bound by Love) who is having to decide which direction to take the tribe in after the chief dies.  The chief doesn’t die until about mid-to-late book, but the struggle between pleasing the chief (who is like a father to him) and Onawa (who marries him in chapter 1) will come into play. 

Background Info into the Native American Romance Series

To be honest, when I wrote A Chance In Time, I only did it because Cole and Penelope’s romance in Meant To Be intrigued me enough where I wanted to know more about it.  Then a friend said it was sad that Penelope couldn’t have children, so I thought of bringing a pregnant Mandan woman into the story (I used to live in North Dakota and had been to the earth lodges they used to live in so that is why I chose that particular tribe).  Well, the original plan was to have Woape die in childbirth, but then I thought, “People are going to assume she was raped by a white man when the baby is born half-white” and then I wondered, “Just how did she end up alone, scared and pregnant anyway?” So that led to Restoring Hope.  Originally, Woape was supposed to be for Citlali.  I had planned to kill her white husband off (who never was supposed to rape her or anything horrible like that), and she was supposed to go back to her tribe, realize Citlali was good for her after all, and fall in love with him.  But 1/3 of the way into the book, I realized I couldn’t kill Gary because I liked him too much (and didn’t want a lynch mob coming after me, ;)) so I opted to fake his death and have her end up happily married with Gary in the end.  But I wanted to do something with Citlali since Citlali was a good guy and highly misunderstood.  So I made Woape’s younger sister old enough to marry him for book 3.  I had to write Julia and Chogan’s story for book 2 because (to be honest) they were my favorite characters in Restoring Hope, though I didn’t plan to make Julia a good guy in Restoring Hope.

What can I say?  My characters don’t follow my script.  I follow theirs, and as long as I let them lead the way, I don’t have writer’s block so I’ve learned to do it their way.  😀  This is also why I can’t write the book’s description until the book is ready to be published.  I’m never sure how things will play out when I start it.

I plan to publish Bound by Honor, Bound by Love this summer.  *fingers crossed*

Here’s hoping for a productive year, and I hope you all have a great February!

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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