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I Have a Short Story in a Free Anthology on Smashwords

From time to time, I like to experiment with a genre outside of romance, and since my very sweet author friend, Joleene Naylor, was putting together an anthology that only required a short story, I figured I’d submit something.


My story is a young adult thriller called “Body Swap” where a teenage boy makes a trade with a man who was thought to be dead.  If you enjoy shows like The Twilight Zone, I think you’ll like this.

I haven’t read the other stories in the anthology yet, so I can’t tell you about those.  But the description to each story is given in the book description, which I’ll post below.

The book is only on Amazon and Smashwords

Amazon* ($0.99)

Smashwords (FREE)

*We are trying to get it free on Amazon by reporting a lower price elsewhere on the book.  Sometimes Amazon will adjust the price and sometimes it won’t.  So my recommendation is to get it from Smashwords.

Now for the description to all of the stories:

Ol’ Man Wickleberry is a man of legend – or is he a legend of a man? With a scruffy beard and a dislike for humanity, how long has it been since he met his demise, and what is he doing in his ghostly afterlife? The stories may differ, but all of them are true. We swear. So if you’re ever wandering alone in the woods at night, and find you’re not really alone, it just might be Ol’ Man Wickleberry.

Enjoy eight tales by seven talented authors including:

Vendetta by Chris Harris: Mr. Baker is on his way to steal a deal when he’s snowed in. Stuck waiting at a rustic tavern, he’s ambushed by an old man with a strange story – a story that’s beyond belief. Or is it?

Evil Animals and Automobiles by Mark R Hunter : Ol’ Man Wickleberry hates so much he sometimes prompts them to an untimely end, with the help of those newfangled automobiles. But the next victim might be Ol’ Man Wickleberry, himself.

The True Story of Ol’ Man Wickleberry by Jonathan Harvey: Jonathan Harvey puts the Terrible Turtle spin on the Wickleberry legend. He names himself Papa Harvey and weaves a tale that is strange and bizarre, but still interesting. If only he wasn’t constantly being interrupted.

Out Walking by Joleene Naylor: The mysterious carnivorous white rabbits sound too strange to be true, but Ol’ Man Wickleberry can’t stand the thought of missing some rare game. It seems a walk is in order…

Body Swap by Ruth Nordin: A teenage boy makes a trade with a man who was thought to be dead.

Weirdly Normal – The Hike by Simon Goodson: Vincent hates hiking. But more than anything else, he hates their guide’s endless wittering about the horribly scary myth of Ol’ Man Wickleberry. Just when Vincent is certain the night can’t get any worse… Ol’ Man Wickleberry himself makes an appearance!

Wickleberry Elixir by Terry Compton: Rick and his two fellow college students just wanted a few extra college credits and the money from the work study. Then the professor demanded more details. But details sometimes lead to answers no one really wants or believes.

Ol’ Man Wickleberry (The Other True Story) by Jonathan Harvey: Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O, and next to this farm lived Ol’ Man Wickleberry, E-I-E-I – Oh. It seems Ol’ Man Wickleberry doesn’t like these kind of goings ons. A short story that’s rhyming good fun.


Groom For Hire (Pioneer Series: Book 3)

Comes Out February 12

Books in the Pioneer Series:

  • Wagon Trail Bride (Book 1)
  • The Marriage Agreement (Book 2)
  • Groom For Hire (Book 3)
  • Forced Into Marriage (Book 4)

Groom for Hire

I’ll make a post when this book is released since it’s coming in the middle of the month.   I’ll also add more information about the book then, but this is the book where Joe Otto (from Wagon Trail Bride) finally gets his happy ending.

It’s on pre-order right now if you’d like to reserve your copy today.


Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


Google Play


(I don’t know the iBooks link since this one is with my publisher and she uploads directly there.  I have a terrible time getting iBook links unless I use Smashwords to upload to the iBookstore.)


The Rake’s Vow (Marriage by Bargain Series: Book 2) is Almost Finished

Marriage by Bargain Series:

  • The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (Book 1)
  • The Rake’s Vow (Book 2)
  • Taming The Viscountess (Book 3)
  • If It Takes a Scandal (Book 4)
  • Book 5: Loretta’s brother will be the hero (I have no title or plot yet)

Click here to reserve your copy today!

I’m hoping to have this out by the end of March.  *fingers crossed*

This is Loretta’s story, and I’m currently in the last two chapters of the book.  I see no reason why it shouldn’t be out by the end of March, but I’m still keeping May 6 until I upload the book to all the retailers.

I will give a warning, and I really hope it doesn’t stop people from reading Celia’s story, but Celia is going to seem especially awful in this story.  She has to in order for things to fall into place for her book, and for all the gentlemen to want to stay clear of her.  Her book is Taming The Viscountess, and I’ll discuss more of it below.

Taming The Viscountess is about 1/4 of the way completed


Click here to reserve your copy today!

Only one gentleman in all of London will be brave enough to take on the task of marrying Celia, and that is going to be Captain Egan (whom I introduced in The Viscount’s Runaway Bride).  Trust me Captain Egan is not one who will let her get by with being a spoiled brat. He will turn her into a sweet and lovable lady.  Part of this is encouraged by the bet the gentlemen at White’s are making in the book.  They are all going to bet he can’t make her a sweet and lovable person.   He is more than willing to prove them wrong and take their money in the process.

Already, there are some humorous moments that have me chuckling as I’m writing it.  So think more of comedy and light with this book.  And I promise, she will be likable by the end of the story.

I currently have this set for an August release, but I’m going to have it out at the beginning of June to mid-July.


I do have other books I’m working on, but this post has gotten long enough so  I’m going to end the post here.

Hope everyone has a great February!


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