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Hi, everyone!  I have a lot of exciting projects coming up.  At this point, we’re looking into what will be coming out from May through September.  The longer I’ve been at this writing and publishing thing, the easier it is to start planning out the schedule.  (It’s taken some time to learn how fast I write, how much time I need for edits, etc.  This year, I feel like I have a better handle on it.) 🙂

All that aside, let’s take a look at what’s coming…

The Reclusive Earl (Marriage by Fate: Book 1) is due out May 7


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Right now the book is with my editing team.  And just a heads up, this book starts a brand new Regency series.  It does take place in the same world all of the other Regencies do.  But this book will launch a new cast of main characters within the Regency world.   I am bringing back familiar faces, but instead of being secondary characters, they will be the focus.  For example, in this book (The Reclusive Earl), the heroine is Miss Opal Beaufort who is Lord Steinbeck’s sister.  (Lord Steinbeck was the hero in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride, and Opal was a secondary character.)

For quick reference, here are the books in the Marriage by Bargain Series:

  • The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (Book 1) – Anthony and Damara’s romance (already out)
  • The Rake’s Vow (Book 2) – Loretta and Tad’s romance (already out)
  • Taming The Viscountess (Book 3) – Celia and Sebastian’s romance (due out in May or June)
  • If It Takes A Scandal – Corin and Candace’s romance (due out in August or September)

Now, Opal’s book will begin a new Regency series called Marriage by Fate.  Here’s what I’m planning at the moment in this series:

  • The Reclusive Earl (Book 1) – Opal and Landon’s romance (coming out May 7)
  • The Earl’s Hasty Marriage (Book 2) – Brad and Ava’s romance (no date set for this yet)
  • Book 3 has no title yet, but I plan to make it Miss Tumilson’s romance (you’ll meet her in The Reclusive Earl)
  • I’m not sure if there will be a Book 4 (We’ll see what happens in this series)

Hopefully, that all makes sense.  I don’t usually write two separate Regency series at a time, but I was afraid I’d lose the “flavor” of Opal’s character if I didn’t write her book as soon as I finished The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.

Taming The Viscountess (Marriage by Bargain: Book 3) is over halfway done


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I have this down for release on August 26, but I expect to finish it up in April, so it should be out in May or June.

I’m really enjoying this book.  I know Celia is one of the most unpopular characters I’ve ever done, but it’s just so much fun to watch the battle of wills playing out between her and the hero (Captain Sebastian Egan, the Earl of Erandon).  This is the captain who lost part of his leg in The Rake’s Vow.  There’s a lot of humor in this book.  Some people don’t like my humor.  They find it immature, but I love Mel Brooks’ movies and satire.  So take that into consideration when it comes to how I handle comedy.

This is definitely lighthearted, and while Sebastian does put her in her place, he does it while also being a beta hero.  (If you’ve read my books, you know that I don’t do alpha heroes.  My heroes tend to be sweethearts.  So yes, he is a sweetheart, but he is not a pushover, which is where Celia’s brother differed.)  So for me, this book has been one of the funnest projects I’ve done in a long time.  I laugh most of the time while I’m writing it.

Forced Into Marriage (Pioneer Series: Book 4) is about 1/4 of the way done


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I have this set for release on October 7, but I expect to have it out in June or July.  Maybe August at the latest.

This is the final book in the Pioneer Series.

Here are the books in all:

  • Wagon Trail Bride (Book 1)
  • The Marriage Agreement (Book 2)
  • Groom For Hire (Book 3)
  • Forced Into Marriage (Book 4)

In Groom For Hire, Joe Otto dropped Brandon off in the Wyoming Territory because Brandon was drinking too much.  Brandon will have to face this problem during the course of this book (and he will quit drinking), but that’s more of the side plot.  The main plot is the marriage he’s forced into with a Native American woman who’s about to give birth to a child.  Neither one want to be in the marriage, but since they’re afraid the men who had raped and mistreated her will be coming for her, they head on southwest to California.

I will be bringing Joe and Michelle from Groom For Hire toward the end of this book because the Brandon and Lokni do end up making it to California.  This is one of those books with some tearful moments, but it does have a happiness underlying everything.  (I promise there’s a happy ending.  I hate sad ones.)

I have started If It Takes A Scandal (Marriage by Bargain: Book 4)

if it takes a scandal ebook cover

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I want to get this out in August or September, so I decided to start this before finishing up Taming The Viscountess.  Remember Candace Daniel, Lady Hedwrett, from Her Counterfeit Husband?  She was the friend of the heroine who was in a miserable marriage, and at the end of the book, her husband died (much to her relief).  Candace will be paired up with Corin St. George, the Earl of Durrant.  Neither are happy with the scandal that led them into marriage at the moment, but since this is a romance, that will change before the end of the book. 🙂

The Stagecoach Bride (Wild Hearts Series: Book 1) is getting a complete makeover

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

Stephannie Beman and I have worked out an arrangement that allows me to take over the entire Wild Hearts Series.  From time to time, I get questions about this series.  Now I can say with 100% certainty that it has been picked up again.  So I am going to completely rewrite this.  I’m only on chapter 2 right now, so I’m not sure how much of this will change.  I still plan to have the heroine running from her fiancé, and Charles Gray will still be the problem for the hero’s family.  But elements about their relationship and his family will be modified.

Because I am completely rewriting this book, I plan to make it free when I finally publish it.  And because this one will be free, it will not be on pre-order.  Also, I’m waiting until I’m done with The Rancher’s Wife (Book 2) in this series before publishing this one.  Stephannie’s name will still be on the cover.  I will control the storyline, and she’ll add some details to make the historical flavor of this book “pop” out more as a historical western.

I expect there to be four books total in this series, but we’ll see how things play out.

I hope everyone has a great April!

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