March 2019 Newsletter

The Imperfect Husband is available!

the imperfect husband front cover

This completes the Misled Mail Order Brides Series. Here is the complete series:

The Bride Price front cover  The Rejected Groom front cover  The Perfect Wife front cover  the imperfect husband front cover

I’m going to miss this series. I really enjoyed working with Richard and Amanda Larson’s children. The good news is that I am now working on Tom and Jessica Larson’s children. A lot of you tell me how much you love the Larson family, and I feel the same way. They were the ones that made me fall in love with writing historical western romances.

Anyway, this was a fun romantic comedy about a man who’s been in love with Annabelle Larson since they were children, and through a set of circumstances, he unwittingly ends up marrying her. She’s not all that thrilled since she’s always seen him as her brother’s awkward friend, and in an attempt to get past his shyness, he pretends to be a woman in order to befriend her in her women’s group. It’s a romance, so everything does end up well for our poor, shy hero.

If this sounds interesting, here is where you can find it:

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I sent off Shane’s Deal to the publisher!

shane's deal new ebook cover

The publishing date is up to my publisher. I’m not sure if the publisher will put it on pre-order or not. So we’ll see how things play out for this one.

Kidnapping the Viscount is almost ready to upload on all retailers.

Kidnapping the Viscount Ebook Cover

I’m waiting for one more person to get this back to me. It’s still in edits. This one will be out in May. Right now I’m looking at May 18. I hope to have all of the pre-order links ready next month.

I’m happy to say that I’m either at, or close to, the halfway point in the four books I’m currently writing!

The Wedding Pact is almost at 40,000 words

The Wedding Pact ebook cover

I originally expected this to end at 60,000-65,000 words, but the story has more to go before it’s done, and I’m not going to rush it. The same is true for Fairest of Them All. The Wedding Pact is Book 3, and Fairest of Them All is Book 4. These are all books in the Marriage by Fairytale Series. (The Marriage Contract is Book 1, and One Enchanted Evening is Book 2.)

For this book, I thought I was only going to have one main subplot, but it’s turned out there are two, and both of them will end up connecting. Because of that, this book has turned out to be longer than I expected. At the moment, I have this planned for release on July 14. I’m not sure if I can make that right now. A lot of this will depend on how quickly I can keep writing in this during March. If I have to push the release date back, I will. My main goal is to let the story progress as it needs to. If the story needs more time, I’m going to give it more time.

Fairest of Them All is at about 36,000 words

Fairest of Them All ebook cover

Similar to The Wedding Pact, this is turning into a longer story than I originally planned. But this one is planned out for later this year. I’m looking at September for releasing it. I shouldn’t have any trouble getting this done and ready by then. My main concern is The Wedding Pact and if I’ll have to move that release date back.

I’m really enjoying this one. It’s my attempt at blending a high gothic feel into a Regency Romance. The pacing in this one is slower than what I usually do, but it’s necessary in order to build up the “mood” in the story. I have a couple of things going on with the characters. The heroine is grieving the death of her brother. The hero is grappling with years of isolation and loneliness from the world. The step-daughter is afraid to get attached to the heroine (her step-mother) because she’s lost her own mother and two step-mothers. On top of that, I’m working on bringing the hero and heroine together so they can fall in love with each other, which is quite the feat when the hero is restricted to the attic at all times. I haven’t had this kind of challenge to work with in a story before, but I’m enjoying it. Part of the fun of writing is figuring out what will happen next.

Nelly’s Mail Order Husband is about 38,000 words in

This one is the first story featuring Tom and Jessica Larson’s children.

Nelly's Mail Order Husband for website

This is another romantic comedy. I’m not sure how long this one will end up being, but I know it’ll be out in October.

Forever Yours is 24,000 words in


I’m not sure if this is the halfway point, or if I’m closing in on it.  But this is Dave and Mary’s third (and final) story. It’s turning out to be more light-hearted than I initially thought it was going to be.

For those of you who love the Larsons, I bring back all of them. In a lot of ways, this is a reunion of the original six Larson children (Richard, Sally, Tom, Jenny, Dave, and Joel). There’s updated on how they’re doing, but I try not to get bogged down into that. The main plot is about Dave and Mary, and I am focusing in on that. But I thought it’d be fun to bring the others in, too. I can’t do this so much with the children the original six Larsons had because that would get too convoluted. With the children’s stories (like with Tony, Mark, and Annabelle), the focus was better contained with mostly their parents and maybe one aunt or uncle.

Anyway, I’m having fun reuniting with these characters, and I think some of you will enjoy it, too.

Hope you all have a great March, and Happy Reading!

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