December 2020 Newsletter

I forgot to do the newsletter last month, but that was just as well since I hadn’t been able to write anything since mid-September. I just finally got back into writing last week.

In case anyone didn’t see the announcement on my other blog, Nobody’s Fool came out in mid-October. I didn’t make the announcement last month, so I’ll do that here.

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Now to get to what I’m working on!

A Deceptive Wager will be out January 17!

This is the last book in the Marriage by Design Series. Here is the complete set:

Breaking The Rules new ebook cover2  Nobody's Fool ebook cover5  A Deceptive Wager ebook cover

This is a battle of wills type of story where the hero and heroine don’t like each other right away. I still don’t know if this is a comedy or not. One of my beta readers said she laughed a lot while reading it. I laughed while writing it, but going back and rereading it, I see it in more serious terms with some humorous moments. This is a book that might be funny or not depending on how you view it.

If interested, here are the places where you can reserve your copy:

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(I will put it on Google Play as the release date gets closer.)

Perfectly Matched is a Romantic Comedy

This is Book 2 in the Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series. This is Patricia’s romance.

Patricia Larson is Tom Larson’s second daughter. I’m at the point where the hero has decided he’ll marry her instead of Erin, her younger sister. Tom is hilarious. He’s a very protective father, but to his credit, he will let Patricia get married. But overall, this is going to be a cute book that’s ideal for anyone who just wants a light funny read.

I’m currently 25,000 words into this, which puts me close to the 1/3 of the way mark. I’d like to have this out in March, but I’m currently behind schedule, so the month might get pushed back to April.

I’m 10,000 words into A Perilous Marriage

This starts a new Regency Series. I finally have the order of this series figured out. I don’t know if there will be another book added to this or not.

A Perilous Marriage ebook cover3  Heiress of Misfortune ebook cover  The Cursed Earl ebook cover

In A Perilous Marriage, the hero is certain that the heroine killed his friend, so he’s going to pretend that he’s in love with her in order to get close enough to her to find out the truth.

I expect this to be a sexy and sweet romance with some mystery. I don’t think it’s going to get dark like the Marriage by Fairytale Series did, especially Fairest of Them All and The Duke’s Secluded Bride. (Here are those covers for quick reference so you know what I mean by “dark”.)

Interview For A Wife is about 8,000 words in

This is Book 3 in the Nebraska Prairie Series:

20200920_ThePurchasedBride  20200921_TheBridesChoice  20200917_interviewforawife3

It’s going to be a sweet romance. The widowed hero is a father of two young children who had an accident that has bound him to a wheelchair. The heroine is a widow who is unable to have children. I don’t know much more than that yet.

In case anyone is wondering, “What in the world are The Purchased Bride and The Bride’s Choice?” I originally wrote those stories for the anthologies I did with Janet Syas Nitsick. I decided to add to the series of books I had done.

Something Different Than What I Usually Do

I went to The Book Cover Designer website where there are pre-made covers. All you have to do is tell the cover artist what title and name you want on the cover. I browse the covers from time to time, and I saw the one I posted above. I fell in love with this one. I waited for a week or two (can’t remember how long) to see if I could come up with a story for it.

Since the man is trapped in the mirror, this can’t be a realistic story. It has to be somehow magical. So far, all I got is that the heroine is in our present day, and the hero is in a portal that exists through the mirror. He’s trapped in the past. I’m going to let my imagination go anywhere it wants to with this one.

For those of you who prefer realistic story, this isn’t going to be it. I’m not going to force my mind into a box of what could or could not happen in real life. This is going to be a story where the sky’s the limit. I’m hoping it’ll have a fairy tale feel to it, but we’ll see where things go.


I want to give credit for the cover artists while I’m thinking about it:

Nobody’s Fool – Images and Cover Art Illustration by Period Images, Pi Creative Lab and MM-PM16

A Deceptive Wager – Images and Cover Art Illustration by Period Images, Pi Creative Lab and MMuse-A7


Interview for a Wife – Images and Cover Art Illustration by Period Images, Pi Creative Lab and RoseGraphics2. Cover Text, Logo, and Branding by Stephannie Beman.

An Earl In Time – Locus Solus Cover Designs

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