September 2012 Newsletter

Delayed Publication of Her Counterfeit Husband

Well, the bad news is that Her Counterfeit Husband isn’t out yet.  It’s with an editor, and I’m waiting until she’s done before I go through it again.  After that, I will publish it.  I don’t know when it’ll be out, so I’ll post a link here on this blog when it is.  I know it’ll be out before October.

Update on Bound by Honor, Bound by Love

This is also with the editor, and I won’t get this back until after Her Counterfeit Husband is done.  I plan to upload this through Smashwords to distribute to B&N because on one of the recent Smashwords updates, I learned the approval time is quicker now.  I will test the publishing time to B&N with this book.  Smashwords has been good about supporting authors, and I’d like to stay with them for my B&N books.  I also understand I have a lot of Nook readers, so I want to make sure they get my new releases in a timely manner, too. It’s a balance.  I’m hoping with the new staff on Smashwords’ team, I can have Smashwords upload my books to B&N in a time frame that will make my Nook readers happy.  The only way to check that out is to have Smashwords publish a book to B&N for me, and I’ve chosen this book to test things with.

I don’t think this book will be available until October.  I have already passed this book (and Her Counterfeit Husband) through one editor and a proofreader.  Now it’s with the second editor who was an English teacher, which is why I want her feedback.  Since her calendar was clear, I accepted the delay in publication to get these books to her.  I can’t always secure a slot with her due to her busy schedule, so when I can get a slot, I take it.  😀

Works in Progress

While two books are with the last editor, I have picked up on writing new books.  It was a hard decision, but I finally decided on them.

A Most Unsuitable Husband

This is, by far, the most fun I’ve had writing a book in a long time.  When I say fun, I mean funny.  I keep laughing as I write it, which is good because this is supposed to be a romantic comedy.   The hero and heroine (Ethan and Catherine) are now betrothed, thanks to his meddling mother who staged a forced engagement in front of a room full of people.  Since I already mentioned what this book is about in my last post, I won’t bore everyone with rehashing it.

Clayton’s Win

I’m giving this another try.  Also, this is the new title.  Originally, I had it as Mitch’s Win.  I realize I have to update my header to reflect the new book cover and title.  😀  It’s one of the million things on my list.   In addition to changing the title, I’ve also made this a Nebraska book.  Clayton was Isaac’s friend in Isaac’s Decision, and he was unusually secretive about his love life.  It turns out, he liked the same girl his younger brother did, but she chose his brother.  After his father died, he quit working at the newspaper to take over the farm and his ailing mother.  After that, his brother’s wife died in childbirth, leaving a boy and a girl for his brother to take care of.  The problem is that his brother turned to alcohol to cope with his wife’s death, so Clayton had to take the children in.  And that’s where we find Clayton when this story begins.  😀

I do plan to write a book about his brother in the future once he cleans up his act.  I figure he’ll take the children back and marry one of Dave and Mary Larson’s daughters.

Anyway, this book is about Clayton winning a poker game (and Heather who asks him to marry her so she doesn’t have to go back to her no-good brother).  So they get married, and at first, things are going good, but of course, problems come up when her brother refuses to go away.

The Write Husband

This is another Regency, and I’m excited about it.  I think it can be as funny as A Most Unsuitable Husband, and it takes place in the same time frame so there will be some overlapping between the two books.  Ethan is the hero in A Most Unsuitable Husband, and Agatha (his friend) is the heroine in The Write Husband.  Neither one of them wants to be married, but fate has conspired against them and they find themselves at the altar.  In Agatha’s case, it’s a situation where her sister misunderstands the situation.  Agatha is writing books under a man’s name, and her sister happens to find one of her papers and assumes it’s a love letter from a suitor.  Since Agatha would rather die than have anyone find out she writes books (and romances at that!), she goes along with it, figuring soon, she can say the courtship didn’t work out.  Except, her plans fumbles and Mister Robinson (from The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife) shows up to save the day and pretend to be her suitor.  Well, one thing leads to another and the situation snowballs until she’s trapped.  I don’t have much more than that yet, and I haven’t done a book description but hopefully I’ll have one next month when I write a post on this blog.  😀

I hope everyone has a great September!

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