January 2015 Newsletter

His Convenient Wife is Now Available!

his convenient wife ebook cover

Despite being rejected by Stan Craftsman in the past, Harriett Larson agrees to marry him for the sake of the girl he recently adopted…with the understanding theirs will only be a marriage of convenience.

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Love Lessons With The Duke Will Be Out February 14

Love Lessons With The Duke

I uploaded this to Smashwords already, so it should be up on Barnes & Noble and Kobo by this date.

A quick description of this book:

The Duke of Ashbourne asks Lady Seyton to help him secure a bride in one month, but soon he realizes he’s in love with her and will do anything it takes to marry her, even if it involves a scandal.

This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.  I am currently working on the next two books in this series, which I’ll mention below.

Online Proposal (under pen name Barbara Joan Russell) is Also Due Out in February

coming soon

I recently decided to make a pen name for sweet romances.  These are romances that will have no sex in them.  The pen name I’ll be using is Barbara Joan Russell, and here’s the site I created for this pen name.  I’ll add more to it over time.  For now, it’s pretty basic, but I just set it up last month.

Anyway, Online Proposal is a novella that will be in an anthology I’m publishing with Parchment & Plume.  It’s a contemporary sweet romance about a couple who meet online through email (and a little matchmaking from mutual friends).  The hero proposes to the heroine online, and she decides to go visit him in person to find out for sure if he’s the right one.

I’m Hopeful To Have Ruined By The Earl Out in March

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover

I’m close to halfway into this book.  It’s Book 3 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.  It follows closely after Love Lessons With The Duke, which is why I want this to be out as close to the release of that book as possible.

I’m Hopeful to Have The Earl’s Stolen Bride Out In April Or May


This is Book 4 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.  Again, this follows close to the book before it in the series (Ruined By The Earl).

A Groom’s Promise Should Be Out Before Summer

a groom's promise

I’m hoping to get this anthology out before summer.  I’m about 1/4 of the way into the novella I’m writing “The Shy Groom”.  We’re going to publish this with Parchment & Plume.


I hope everyone is having a great New Year’s and will have an awesome next twelve months!

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