March 2016 Newsletter

Almost finished with the first draft of this one!

Her Devilish Marquess (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 2)


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I figure I have three more scenes to write, and then I’ll be done.  The original release date was posted for May 8, but I’ll try to bump it up to mid-to-late April.  That way I can announce it’s release when I post the May Newsletter.

In the meantime, it’s available for pre-order on all the sites except for Amazon.  I like to wait until the entire thing is done before putting it on Amazon for pre-order.  So I’m thinking I can have this on pre-order at Amazon in either early or mid-April.

I don’t want to give away the ending, but it has turned out completely different from what I expected.  Actually, the entire book is nothing like I had planned.  From the moment the two met, they took over and all of my ideas got shoved into the trash.  Which is good, of course.  Nothing is worse than a story where the characters aren’t vibrant and alive.

I have continued with a sub-plot I established in the first book in this series (His Wicked Lady) with the thing happening at White’s.  This, as it’s turning out, will play an even bigger part in the next book in the series (The Earl’s Wallflower Bride).

But, best of all, Lord Toplyn (from Ruined by the Earl), Lord Edon (from A Most Unsuitable Earl), and Mr. Christopher Robinson (from His Reluctant Lady) from my past Regency series come into play.  It’s always fun to visit old characters and see how things are going in their happily ever afters.

I can’t stop crying while writing this one

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love Series: Book 2)

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

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Okay, I know that sounds bad, but really, it’s not.  The heroine and the  seven-year-old child have such sad pasts that I keep tearing up whenever I write her point of view.  She came right out of the Civil War, and the boy was an orphan she happened to find left on the streets.  So this is a really emotional book to write.

But this is a romance above all else, so don’t think it’s a total downer.  It’s not.  In some ways, most of my crying stems from the fact that I know the heroine and the boy are much better off where they are.  Eric Johnson (the sheriff in The Convenient Mail Order Bride) is the hero in this one.

What I do know is that Abe Thomas (hero in The Convenient Mail Order Bride) is going to play a key role in helping the boy heal from his past wounds because both of these characters were born to unwed mothers who saw abuse and both feel like outcasts.  So there’s a lot they’ll have in common.  I haven’t introduced them yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

The release date is currently set for June 5.  I’m at 20,000 words right now in the book (over 1/4 of the way into it).  So I’m not sure if it’ll be out earlier than this date or not, but it will be out no later than June 5.

The plot is slowly evolving in this one

The Marriage Agreement (Pioneer Series: Book 2)

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

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I thought the main source of conflict would be Jesse Palmer’s mother-in-law.  If you’ll remember from Wagon Trail Bride (book 1 of this series), Jesse lost his wife in childbirth, and his mother-in-law was making life miserable for him.  Laura Rufus (Amanda Larson’s friend) volunteered to help with the baby, Elliot.

In this book, Laura is the one who suggests a marriage of convenience to Jesse.  She does this mostly because she loves Elliot and wants to be a mother to him, but she also does it because her parents keep bringing over men twice her age in hopes she marry them.  Needless to say, she has no desire to be with any of them because they all remind her of her father.  (I know, gross, right?)

They’ve agreed to marry for convenience, and her parents are fighting it.  She just ran off to stay with the Larsons (Richard’s parents), so we’ll get to peek in on the Larson family and see how things are going shortly after they settled in Omaha.  It’s fun going back and filling in some of the moments from their past I’ve only talked about in the Nebraska Series. It really makes the characters so much more real when you get to see them outside their main series.

This is still set for August 7 for a release, and I think I’ll keep it there since this book will go with my awesome publisher, Parchment & Plume.

Well, that’s it for this month.  I hope everything goes great for everyone!

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