April 2016 Newsletter

Bonus Material from the Nebraska Series is out!

And it’s only $0.99!

I decided not to mention this when it became available early last month because I had just done a post over here.  I figured I’d wait until this month to announce it.  For those of you who love the Larsons from the Nebraska Series, this book features a series of posts I did with the characters.  It covers some behind the scenes look at their discontent as I wrote books like Shotgun Groom, Isaac’s Decision, To Have and To Hold, and Her Heart’s Desire. It also features Dave Larson’s antics, like when he called for a boycott on my books and when he was kidnapped.

It also includes the heroes competing for votes for things like the best poet.  Here’s a link to that specific post if you want an idea of what you’ll find in the book.  I decided on sharing this one because I love the poem Joel makes up in order to make fun of Dave. 🙂

Here’s the Book Launch page that gives the links to where you can buy this book AND includes what Dave, Joel, and Tom Larson this of this book!

Her Devilish Marquess will be out April 17!


Click here to reserve your copy today!

I now have this up on pre-order at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  I included the links on the Book Launch page if you’d like to check out some fun tidbits the characters from my Regencies had to say about it.

The hero turned out to be a sweetheart.  He can’t stand hypocrisy, so when he comes across it, he has a tendency to let people have what’s coming to them.  This, in turn, upsets prominent members of the Ton who blackball him.  So he is the most unpopular gentleman in London.

The heroine is a wallflower type who is scared to death of scandals.

You got to pair up opposites sometimes in order to make books interesting. 🙂

I should finish the first draft of The Mistaken Mail Order Bride this week!

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

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This puts me right on schedule to releasing it out on June 5, which is the original projected release date.  For those of you who read The Convenient Mail Order Bride, this is Sheriff Eric Johnson’s story.

The Earl’s Wallflower Bride is under way

I don’t have a cover yet but will soon

I do have a pre-order link (includes some fun bickering between the hero and heroine)

Since I am ahead of schedule with my writing goals, I was able to get started on this earlier than expected.  I’m already in chapter 7 and am planning to have this out sometime this summer.  I’m not exactly sure when, but I’ll keep you posted in these posts.

This book involves Lord Steinbeck (Mr. Jasper’s friend in His Wicked Lady) and Lady Iris (whom Lady Cantrell warned to stay as far from Lord Steinbeck as possible).  Needless to say Lord Steinbeck and Lady Iris are paired up for marriage.  It’s fun stuff!

The Marriage Agreement update

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

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This is coming along, and I should have it out on August 7, which is the projected pre-order date.  More information about the book is also on the book launch page, which you can find by clicking the cover.  I thought I’d wait until I get closer to the release date to give more details about this book.

I hope everyone will have a great April!

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