July 2016 Newsletter

The Earl’s Wallflower Bride will be out July 17!


I got it back from my editing team, and it’s uploaded on all the channels. It’s currently in pre-order.

This is the last book in the Marriage by Arrangement Series.  Below is a list of all the books in this series:

  • Book 1: His Wicked Lady (featuring Mr. Malcolm Jasper)
  • Book 2: Her Devilish Marquess (featuring Dr. Westward)
  • Book 3: The Earl’s Wallflower Bride (featuring Lord Steinbeck)

Here’s a description of The Earl’s Wallflower Bride:

Warren Beaufort, the Earl of Steinbeck, prides himself on having the best of the best. From his furnishings in his townhouse to his clothes, he chooses everything with the intention of impressing others. And more than that, he has amassed a fortune that is the envy of many in London. One thing he lacks, however, is an heir. In order to get the heir, he’ll need a wife.

Lady Iris, the Duke of Hartwell’s daughter, has money, but she lacks both grace and looks. One thing she does have, however, is the good sense to know a gentleman like Warren is all wrong for her, which is why she’s horrified to learn she’s been matched with him for marriage. But the Duchess of Ashbourne and her friends assure her that she and Warren have so much in common they are an ideal match.

Having no way out of the marriage her father has arranged for her, she has no choice but to marry Warren. While she might have to give him the heir, she will never, under any circumstance, give him something far more precious…her heart.

You can pre-order the book at these sites:


Barnes & Noble



I will make a post when this book releases in case you can’t pre-order the book but would like to buy it when it comes out.  In the meantime, you can check out the sample on Smashwords.

The Marriage Agreement will be out August 7!

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

This is currently with my editing team, but it will be with my awesome publisher, Parchment & Plume, soon.

This is book 2 in the Pioneer Series.  Below is the complete list of all the books in this series:

  • Book 1: Wagon Trail Bride (featuring Richard and Amanda Larson)
  • Book 2: The Marriage Agreement (featuring Jesse Palmer and Laura Rufus; Jesse was the one who lost his wife in childbirth in Wagon Trail Bride)
  • Book 3: Groom For Hire (featuring Joe Otto – the man who was in love with Amanda in Wagon Trail Bride) – due out in December

I’ll put in the description for this book in the August Newsletter.  

In the meantime, you can find more information on it or pre-order it at these sites:


Barnes & Noble



The Accidental Mail Order Bride is over halfway done!

accidental mail order bride for website

I don’t know if I can get this one out before September 4 or not, but it will be out no later than that date.

This is book 3 in the Chance at Love Series.  Below is a complete list of the books in this series:

  • Book 1: The Convenient Mail Order Bride (featuring Abe Thomas)
  • Book 2: The Mistaken Mail Order Bride (featuring Sheriff Eric Johnson)
  • Book 3: The Accidental Mail Order Bride (featuring Travis Martin) – and yes, I do reveal who murdered Lydia in this book
  • Book 4: The Bargain Mail Order Bride (featuring Carl Richie; half-brother and enemy of Abe Thomas)

It’s available on pre-order on all sites but Amazon at the moment.

Barnes & Noble



The Viscount’s Runaway Bride will start a brand new Regency Series


In The Earl’s Wallflower Bride, I introduce Anthony Barlow, Viscount Worsley, who is Warren (Lord Steinbeck)’s friend.  The Viscount’s Runaway Bride is Anthony’s book.

I’m already into Chapter 3 in this one.  So far, I only know what the next book in this series will be, and that will be The Rake’s Vow.  I will post more about this in future posts.

I have listed this for a release date of April 23, 2017, but I fully expect to have it out this October or November.

Groom for Hire is expected out in December!

Groom for Hire

I have notified my publisher that this can be out sooner than spring of next year.  At the moment, there is no pre-order info on this, but this book will complete the Pioneer Series.  I listed the books in this series under The Marriage Agreement, which is above. 🙂

A quick look ahead:

I don’t want to bog down this post, so I’ll do a quick glimpse of what you can expect early next year:

  1. The Bargain Mail Order Bride (Book 4 in the Chance at Love Series) will be out in January
  2. The Rake’s Vow (Book 2 in Marriage by Bargain Series) will be out around February to March
  3. The Reclusive Earl (Book 1 in Marriage by Fate Series) will be out around February to March
  4. Shane’s Deal (Book 4 in the Montana Collection) should be out around March or April)
  5. After Shane’s Deal, I should finally get around to writing Sep’s book.  (Sep is April’s brother in Shotgun Groom which featured Joel Larson in the Nebraska Series).  From there I will work on the books for Amanda and Richard’s twin sons (Mark and Anthony)

Hope everyone has a great July!


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