The Earl’s Wallflower Bride is Now Available!

It’s finally out!  And this book completes the entire Marriage by Arrangement Series.

The Earl’s Wallflower Bride  (Book 3)


Helena, Melissa, and Chloe are arranging marriages, but not all will go smoothly on the way to a happily ever after…

Warren Beaufort, the Earl of Steinbeck, prides himself on having the best of the best. From his furnishings in his townhouse to his clothes, he chooses everything with the intention of impressing others. And more than that, he has amassed a fortune that is the envy of many in London. One thing he lacks, however, is an heir. In order to get the heir, he’ll need a wife.

Lady Iris, the Duke of Hartwell’s daughter, has money, but she lacks both grace and looks. One thing she does have, however, is the good sense to know a gentleman like Warren is all wrong for her, which is why she’s horrified to learn she’s been matched with him for marriage. But the Duchess of Ashbourne and her friends assure her that she and Warren have so much in common they are an ideal match.

Having no way out of the marriage her father has arranged for her, she has no choice but to marry Warren. While she might have to give him the heir, she will never, under any circumstance, give him something far more precious…her heart.

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For easy reference, here are the other books in the Marriage by Arrangement series:

His Wicked Lady (Book 1)

His Wicked Lady ebook cover

In this book, I introduce Lord Steinbeck and Lady Iris (the hero and heroine in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride).

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | Smashwords

Her Devilish Marquess (Book 2)


In this book, I go more into Mr. Malcolm Jasper’s friendship with Lord Steinbeck and show a more “irritating” side to Steinbeck.  I say “irritating” because Steinbeck doesn’t officially become a hero until The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.

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