May 2017 Newsletter

The Reclusive Earl is due out May 7!

This is Book 1 in the Marriage by Fate Series.  This is Opal Beaufort’s story.  Opal was Warren’s sister in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.  She was the one who pretended to be crazy in order to avoid her mother’s wrath.  I wanted to pair her up with a hero who was insecure because she (better than anyone) would understand him.


I don’t like to clutter up the blog if I don’t have to, and since May 7 is only a week away, I figure I’ll just give the description and post the links for your convenience.  So if you want, you can get it now.

Here’s a brief description:

It’s far easier to hide in the shadows than risk being hurt. When a very imperfect earl happens to be caught up in a scandal that forces him to marry the perfect lady, he can’t help but worry all his fears have just come true.

(I go into a longer description at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords.)

Here are the links:


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The first draft of Taming The Viscountess is now done!

This is Book 3 in the Marriage by Bargain Series.  Book 1 is The Viscount’s Runaway Bride.  Book 2 is The Rake’s Vow.  Book 4 is If It Takes A Scandal.

I’m on track to publish this book in June instead of August.


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This is Miss Celia Barlow’s book, and the chemistry between Celia and Lord Erandon (who was Captain Sebastian Egan in the earlier books) was dynamic.  I really enjoyed these two.  Celia, if you’ll recall, wasn’t all that likable in the earlier books. Sebastian was perfect for her.  He was kind but firm.  The kinds of things her brother used to let her get away with were not tolerated with him.  This book had a surprising amount of humor in it, and because of that, this is now my favorite Regency (of all I’ve done).  A Most Unsuitable Earl is my second favorite.

I’m halfway into Forced Into Marriage

This is the last book in the Pioneer Series.  Here are the other books: Wagon Trail Bride (Book 1), The Marriage Agreement (Book 2), and Groom For Hire (Book 3).

I am hoping to have this out in July, but it might not be until August.  We’ll see how things go.


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I do plan to bring Joe and Michelle (from Groom For Hire) back into this book at the end, but I’m not able to bring in the other characters from this series.  Brandon and Lokni (the hero and heroine of this book) are heading for California, and the other characters are in Nebraska.

I’m about 1/4 of the way into If It Takes A Scandal

This is the last book in the Marriage by Bargain series.  Book 1 is The Viscount’s Runaway Bride, Book 2 is The Rake’s Vow, and Book 3 is Taming The Viscountess.

I have this down for December, but I will have it out before then.  I just don’t know when yet, though.

if it takes a scandal ebook cover

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Celia (from Taming The Viscountess) will actually have a hand in matchmaking with the hero and heroine in this book.  Since she had a part (though not intentional) of getting Lord Durrant and Lady Hedwrett into a marriage neither of them wanted, she is going to manipulate things so that they will have to spend three months stuck together at his country estate.  (Celia might be nice by this point, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped making up her schemes.  She’s just doing it for good instead of her own selfish purposes.)

Lord Durrant has a meddling mother and a younger brother who will be more than happy to play along.  I’m hoping there will be some humor in this one, but so far, the two main characters are pretty serious.  It might take the others to lighten things up.

I have started The Bride Price

This is Book 1 in the Misled Mail Order Brides series.


This is Sep’s story.  Sep was Joel Larson’s younger brother-in-law in Shotgun Groom.  At the time Sep was 14.  In this book he’ll be 23, and he’ll be friends with Anthony and Mark Larson who are the twin sons born to Richard and Amanda Larson.  I do plan to have Anthony and Mark featured for books 2 and 3 in this series.

My aim is to have this out around October or November of this year.

I’m on Chapter 3 in The Outlaw’s Bride

This is going to be at least a three book series.  Book 1 is this book (The Outlaw’s Bride), Book 2 is The Rancher’s Bride, and I don’t have a title for Book 3 yet.  I also don’t know if there will be a Book 4.

The Outlaw's Bride ebook cover

I’m going to be making slow progress on this one because it’s not due out until June-August 2018.  (Remember, this is the rewrite to The Stagecoach Bride.)  I want to have this one out at the same time Book 2 is ready.


I’ll stop here since I’m late in getting this out.

I hope everyone has a wonderful May!



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