January 2020 Newsletter

Wow! Here we are at 2020. 🙂 For everyone who’s stuck with me all of this time, thank you. My goal is to keep writing books that will, hopefully, keep entertaining you.

With that aside, let’s jump into what I’m working on.

The Outlaw’s Bride (Book 1) is set to come out January 25

This is Book 1 in the Wyoming Series.

The Outlaw's Bride ebook cover3

I’ll make the actual post with all the links in the February Newsletter post because the 25th is close to February. If you like to pre-order books, I do have a page with all of the links here. (I don’t want to clutter up this post with a link of the posts.)

I want to quickly talk about Book 2 in this series.

The Rancher’s Bride (Book 2) is 3/4 of the way done!

The Rancher's Bride ebook cover3

This one is pretty much writing itself, and there have been some twists I didn’t expect when I started. I did put the first scene of this book at the very end of The Outlaw’s Bride because there was a little cliffhanger at the end of The Outlaw’s Bride. That sample settles the cliffhanger.

I was originally going to have this book out in June or July, but since I’m farther ahead than I expected to be, I think I’ll have this out in April. As long as progress keeps going nicely, that is a doable goal.

Once I’m done with this book, I will start Book 3.

The Fugitive’s Bride (Book 3) is still in the planning stages.

The Fugitive's Bride ebook cover3

I don’t plot out a book, but I do imagine how I think the story will go before I write it. I expect this book to wrap up the Wyoming Series. My goal is to have this whole series published this year because I know the storylines are interwoven from one book to the other. What happens in one book directly impacts what happens in the next one.

I have no idea what month this will be out. It’s impossible to tell until I get about 3/4 of the way into the book before I can safely set on a specific month.

I am still working on The Duke’s Secluded Bride.

The Duke's Secluded Bride ebook cover

Here are the books in the Marriage by Fairytale Series:

The Marriage Contract new ebook cover  One Enchanted Evening ebook cover  The Wedding Pact ebook cover  Fairest of Them All ebook cover  The Duke's Secluded Bride ebook cover

I have had a lot of trouble with this particular book, which is why it’s taking me so long to write it. I love the story. The reason why it’s so difficult to write it is because I’m having trouble deciding how to best bridge the events in the beginning to the events that will come at the end. I knew going in how to start things. I currently know how things will end. It’s the middle that is messy.

I’ve moved scenes around. I’ve rewritten a few scenes multiple times. I had to pause and set aside this story a lot. When I started writing The Rancher’s Bride, I was 29,000 words into this book. I am currently 49,000 words into The Rancher’s Bride, but I am only at 46,000 words into this book. So that gives you an idea of how much easier it’s been to write The Rancher’s Bride.

Today while writing, I think I finally got to the pivotal point in the middle that will lead me to the events at the end. So hopefully, the struggle with getting things just right is finally over. 🙂

This book will end the Marriage by Fairytale Series.

Now, I do have a book done. Here it is:

Breaking the Rules (Marriage by Design: Book 1) is in edits!

Breaking The Rules new ebook cover2

At the moment, I’m thinking of having this out at the end of February, but we’ll see how the edits go.

For those who like the kind of humor I do with Regencies involving characters like Lord Edon and Mr. Christopher Robinson, this book is for you. I bring back those two crazy and fun characters. This is a light-hearted romantic comedy.

In the Regency Timeline, this takes places between The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife and A Most Unsuitable Earl, so Lord Edon and Mr. Christopher Robinson are still single. They will be single during this entire series.

Over the years, I’ve had a couple of people ask me to write about how Lilly Lowell managed to win over Mr. Morris. That is how this book was born. Lilly is the sister of Claire (heroine in The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife), and Mr. Morris spends quite a bit of this book pursuing Lilly. Lilly accepts the proposal from another gentleman instead, and though Mr. Morris comes to realize Lilly doesn’t want to marry him, he arranges it so that Claire helps Lilly to avoid marriage to that gentleman because the gentleman is a total scumbag. Now, I did put an epilogue in The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife showing that Lilly and Mr. Morris have married and are happy. So we know they end up together. But the question has always been “how”. This is the book that answers that question.

This book did end up giving me ideas to two other books.

Book 2 is this one…

Nobody’s Fool (Book 2)

Nobody's Fool ebook cover5

I just started this today. I was planning to go to writing two books at a time, but since I randomly stall out in writing The Duke’s Secluded Bride, I broke down and pulled this on out to work on.

This is going to be another light-hearted romantic comedy. It features new characters that I introduce in Breaking the Rules.

Breaking the Rules has also given me an idea for Book 3 which is this:

A Deceptive Wager (Book 3)

A Deceptive Wager ebook cover

I don’t know if this will be a comedy or not. The other two books in this series are, but this might be on the serious side. I won’t know for sure until I start writing it.


As a side note, I have not forgotten the Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series. It hasn’t been until recently I knew what the title for the second book would be. It follows Nelly’s Mail Order Husband, and after a lot of debate, I decided on the title “Perfectly Matched”. It will be Patricia Larson’s book, and I am going to match her up with Jim Griffin (who was Valentine’s friend in Nelly’s Mail Order Husband). As it turns out, Jim did not marry Carla. He heeded Val’s warnings and ran off to Omaha. But no one knows this until the very beginning of Perfectly Matched. At the moment, I am planning to start this when I finish The Duke’s Secluded Bride.

I hope everyone has a great New Year!

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