April 2022 Newsletter

An update about Radish

I don’t know if anyone reading this reads on the Radish app, but just in case, I’m going to link to each story I have posted there so far.

Marriage by Scandal Series (all 4 books: The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, A Most Unsuitable Earl, His Reluctant Lady, and The Earl’s Scandalous Wife) – Regency

The Mail Order Bride’s Deception (this is completed) – historical western; standalone

Wagon Trail Bride (this is completed) – Book 1 of Pioneer Series (historical western)

The Marriage Agreement (this is completed) – Book 2 of Pioneer Series (historical western)

Groom for Hire (this is completed) – Book 3 of Pioneer Series (historical western)

Forced Into Marriage (this is completed) – Book 4 of Pioneer Series (historical western)

Breaking the Rules (this is completed) – Book 1 of Marriage by Design Series (Regency)

Nobody’s Fool (this is completed) – Book 2 of Marriage by Design Series (Regency)

A Deceptive Wager (this is completed) – Book 3 of Marriage by Design Series (Regency)

The Outlaw’s Bride – Book 1 of Wyoming Series (historical western)

The Rancher’s Bride – Book 2 of Wyoming Series (historical western)

The Fugitive’s Bride – Book 3 of Wyoming Series (historical western)

The Loner’s Bride – Book 4 of Wyoming Series (historical western)

Marriage by Deceit Series (all 4 books: The Earl’s Secret Bargain, Love Lessons with the Duke, Ruined by the Earl, and The Earl’s Stolen Bride) – Regency

His Convenient Wife – standalone; historical western

Mitch’s Win – Book 1 of Montana Collection (historical western)

Boaz’s Wager – Book 2 of Montana Collection (historical western)

Patty’s Gamble – Book 3 of Montana Collection (historical western)

Shane’s Deal – Book 4 of Montana Collection (historical western)

Her Counterfeit Husband – standalone; Regency

His Wicked Lady – Book 1 of Marriage by Arrangement (Regency)

Her Devilish Marquess – Book 2 of Marriage by Arrangement (Regency)

The Earl’s Wallflower Bride – Book 3 of Marriage by Arrangement (Regency)

Marriage by Bargain Series (all 4 books; The Viscount’s Runaway Bride, The Rake’s Vow, Taming the Viscountess, and If It Takes a Scandal) – Regency

The Convenient Mail Order Bride – Book 1 of Chance at Love Series (historical western)

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride – Book 2 of Chance at Love Series (historical western)

The Accidental Mail Order Bride – Book 3 of Chance at Love Series (historical western)

The Bargain Mail Order Bride – Book 4 of Chance at Love Series (historical western)

Eye of the Beholder – Book 4 of Nebraska Series (historical western)

Catching Kent – standalone; historical western

The Reclusive Earl – Book 1 of Marriage by Fate Series (Regency)

His Redeeming Bride – Book 8 of Nebraska Series (historical western)


As I was linking to all of those books I spent putting up on Radish last month, I realized why I wasn’t able to get much written in March. I had assumed all of the errands I’d been stuck with were to blame, but now I’m thinking it was uploading all of those stories. It takes a lot more time to get books uploaded (esp. when you have to break them into episodes) than I thought. If nothing else, writing this blog post was an eye-opening experience. 🙂

Now to other things….

The Loner’s Bride is out

(This is Book 4 in the Wyoming Series)

I was supposed to announce it over here when it released, but due to being swamped with the Radish thing, I forgot to do it. I don’t know who has gotten this book or yet (or even if anyone reading this is interested), so I’ll give the description and links below.


Katie Jackson is all grown up, and it’s time for her to find a husband. Though the young men have been coming by the orphanage where she is working, none of them catches her fancy. They all seem like they need to do a lot more growing up before they’re ready for the responsibilities of a wife and children. They’re all more like little brothers than serious prospects for marriage.

If only they were more like Jeremiah Barlow who happens to be running the orphanage. He’s perfect. Mature, kind, and gentle. Best of all, she’s attracted to him in a way she’s never been attracted to anyone before.

It’s not long before Jeremiah becomes aware of Katie’s interest in him. And worse, he’s just as interested in her. But it would never work. He’s twice her age. His best days are behind him.

Katie, however, is not one to give up. When she wants something badly enough, she’ll move heaven and earth to get it. And Jeremiah is on her list.

Where you can find it:


Barnes & Noble



Google Play






Suitable for Marriage is set for May

I’m done uploading the pre-order. It’s due out May 15. I’ll talk more about this next month. I already used up a lot of space in this blog with those Radish links.

A note to those of you who pre-order books on Amazon: there is currently a glitch in the Amazon system where Amazon is removing pre-ordered books. I don’t know why it’s happening, but I’ve come across a few authors who have been affected by this. Basically, Amazon is removing the books that they have up on pre-order. Not all authors are hit with this glitch, but some are. My recommendation is to hold off on pre-ordering Suitable for Marriage. If you want to pre-order it on Amazon, that’s fine. I just want you to be aware that the glitch might cause some issues. And these issues are outside of my control.

Books I’m currently writing:

I made very little progress in these due to uploading books to Radish. This month, I’m going to just work on getting 1-2 books a week up on Radish. That way I should have time to write. As it was, I was uploading 1-2 books a day over there, and that’s how I spent so much time over there.

But here we are with my current works-in-progress and where things stand right now:

I am about halfway into this one. (I hit the 30,000 word mark yesterday.) It looks like this book will be over the 60,000-word mark. I’m not sure how long it’ll be. I have figured out who the villain is. I wasn’t sure at first, but now I know. However, the original idea I had on how the hero and heroine end up getting married has changed, and since that has changed, the villain’s actions will end up changing as a result. So the villain will be targeting someone else instead of the person I originally slotted to be the target. I like it when things change on me like that. It makes the story more interesting. 😉

I’m at the 20,000 mark on this, which puts me probably in the 1/3 range, depending on how long this turns out to be. I suspect this will end up at about 50,000 words given how things are progressing so far. Daisy has been talked into marrying someone she deems “frog”, but in the end, she’ll realize he’s a “prince”. This story is cute and funny. I expect things to get even funnier once her sisters find out about the marriage.

I think I’m around the 1/3 part of this one, too. I’m currently at 17,500 words, which is basically where the stage is “set” to get ready for some really interesting stuff. The heroine doesn’t know her admirer is the butler yet. I’m not sure when she’ll find out, but I expect it to happen within the next couple of chapters.


I hope everyone is able to have an enjoyable April!

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