June Newsletter 2013

There’s nothing I plan to publish this month, but there’s a lot going on.  🙂

Announcing the Giveaway

These are for the books in my Regency Collection.  Click here for more details.  The entries are directly off my other blog, and I have a form there to help protect your privacy so I prefer people to enter through the form.  🙂

New Releases Coming in July!

I’m not sure when in July, though.  At the moment, I’m almost done with His Reluctant Lady and His Abducted Bride.  In fact, I think I’ll be finishing them both around the same time.

his reluctant lady

I think I finally have the description will work for this book:

Will she choose marriage to avoid a scandal?

From the moment Mister Christopher Robinson meets Lady Richfield at a ball, he is enchanted with her.   But Agatha Lyons has no desire to enslave herself to another cold husband.  She’s very happy as a widow and is determined to stay that way.

Unfortunately, she is hiding a secret, a secret so shocking that, if discovered, it could ruin her reputation.  When a little slip exposes this secret, Mister Robinson sees his chance and makes her a deal: marry him or risk scandal.  Will she keep her independence as a wealthy widow or will she succumb to a second husband who not only threatens to ignite her dormant passions but makes her want to give up her heart as well?

I can’t make any promises on when this book will be available, but I’ll try to have it close to July 1.  *fingers crossed*

his abducted bride

Here’s what it’s about in case you haven’t read the description yet:

All Sandy Davis wants is to forget about romance.  Romance is for other people, not for her.  She’s been rejected too many times and doesn’t want anything else to do with it.  To escape, she writes an epic fantasy, picturing herself as the queen who rises against the threat of King Blackheart who is determined to conquer her kingdom.

On the eve where she’s going to write the ending where she kills him, he arranges it so that he takes her into the story.  But he doesn’t abduct her so she’ll be his prisoner.  His plan is to make her his wife and prove that he’s not the villain she’s made him out to be.

This book will finish up the Across the Stars Series.  (Suddenly a Bride is book 1 and Runaway Bride is book 2).   I’m hoping to have this one out in mid-July.  *fingers crossed again*  🙂

Other Works in Progress

Kent Ashton’s Backstory

kent ashton's backstory ebook

I’m still working on this one but ran into a little problem with knowing how Kent finds out his father is the one manipulating his life.  I can work ahead on the scenes that involve him and Ann (that appear in Falling In Love With Her Husband) since those scenes are already set, but I can’t do more than that.  So I’m waiting until I figure out the best way to proceed before I continue.  🙂

lassoing her groom

I’m going to modify this cover.  This story has been temporarily put on hold because….

I am working on two romances with two different authors!  

The Stagecoach Bride (co-author with Stephannie Beman)

I don’t have a cover for it yet, but the first one is with Stephannie Beman.  It’s about a mail-order bride traveling in a stagecoach in Wyoming when a band of outlaws abduct her in order to demand a ransom from the man she’s supposed to marry.  More information on this will be coming in the future, but we’re currently at chapter 10 in this one so progress has been nice.

Bride by Arrangement (anthology with Janet Syas Nitsick)

Bride by Arrangement ebook cover

This will be an anthology of novellas.  I’m writing this with Janet Syas Nitsick.  She’s writing a novella about a woman who must choose which man to marry: the man she’s a governess for or a preacher.  Her novella will be a sweet romance (meaning there will be no sex in it).  I’m writing a novella about a woman whose brother has arranged for her to marry a man out west.  When she arrives at her destination, she learns that the hero’s brother has arranged the marriage and that the hero in this book is deaf.  (Sometimes I like to have an imperfect hero because one of my sons is deaf, and I like to show that people with disabilities have something important to offer.)

This book will take place in Omaha, Nebraska, so I might be able to slip in a character from the Nebraska Series, but I can’t promise anything yet.  Being a novella, this will be limited in how much I can do.  😀


A quick look forward

I have tons of books to write.  I only wish I had more time.  But to give a quick idea of what I’m hoping to write before the year is up, this is a brief list.

The Earl’s Scandalous Wife – Perry (Lord Clement) finally gets his own book!  I now have the scandal that will finally get him married.  The poor man has been through so much with so many ill-fated attempts at marriage.  Now, he’ll finally get his turn.

Boaz’s Wager – This is book 2 in the Montana Romance Collection.  Mitch’s Win is book 1.  Boaz wants to find a wife so he can take care of his children, but the woman he married (Eva Connealy from Isaac’s Decision) wants more than the marriage of convenience he’s offering her.  I’ve always wanted to do a romance where the hero is afraid to have sex with the heroine because he’s afraid she’ll die in childbirth, and this is the perfect opportunity to do that.

Patty’s Game – This is book 3 in the Montana Romance Collection.  Patty will finally find a way to get Greg Wilson to marry her, but he won’t be happy at all.  There’s a reason he doesn’t want to be married, but he won’t tell her.  She’ll assume it’s because she needs to be more ladylike, and that’s exactly what she’ll try to do.  I’m hoping this will be a comedy, but we’ll see.


That’s it for now.  I hope everyone has a great June!

october newsletter pic

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