July Newsletter 2013

Delayed Release Dates for His Abducted Bride and His Reluctant Lady

I had hoped to have information about a new release out by now, but I got an offer to put His Abducted Bride and His Reluctant Lady up on pre-order at the Apple iBookstore.  I decided to try it because I’ve never done anything like it before.  This means the release dates for both books have been pushed back.   I was encouraged to pick Tuesdays for a release date for the books and give it at least a month, so that is how I picked the dates listed below:

his abducted bride

His Abducted Bride is now set for July 30.

his reluctant lady

His Reluctant Lady is now set for August 6.

Other Books I’m Working On

The Stagecoach Bride – by me and Stephannie Beman

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

We’re at the last chapter or two of this book.  I’m not sure when it’ll be done.  Stephannie has ranch work to tend to, so her schedule is hectic in the summer.

Kent Aston’s Backstory and Lassoing Her Groom

I’m going to release Kent Ashton’s Backstory and Lassoing Her Groom together, so I am working on both at the same time.

kent ashton's backstory ebook

Kent Ashton’s Backstory is the prequel to Lassoing Her Groom.  I can’t put it in the same novel, though, because Kent’s story doesn’t include Rose Larson, and Rose Larson is the one he ends up with.  Kent’s story is one of heartbreak, of love gained and lost.

Lassoing Her Groom

But Lassoing Her Groom is about a second chance.  Some of us have had past relationships that just didn’t work for one reason or another.  Kent Ashton’s Backstory is one such story.  But it also tells the story from his point of view during the events that take place in Falling In Love With Her Husband.

So I have to treat Kent Ashton’s Backstory and Lassoing Her Groom as two separate books, even though they are connected.

At this point in time, I hope to finish the first draft to both of these on September 1, which will (hopefully) put me on track for an October release date.  I don’t plan to do another pre-order thing like I’m doing this time with His Abducted Bride and His Reluctant Lady.

Bride by Arrangement

Bride by Arrangement ebook cover

I finally have a title for my novella in this anthology.  It’s “Pete’s Wife”.  Janet Syas Nitsick is doing the novella “She Came By Train”.  So far in my novella, I am about 1/4 of the way into it.  This anthology is dependent on when Janet finishes hers on when this book is published.  So it’s hard to pin down a release date on it.

But… in the meantime, I have finally started Lord Clement’s romance….

The Earl’s Scandalous Wife

the earl's scandalous wife

I hope to have the first draft done by November 1. *fingers crossed*  I do want to have this book out before the end of this year.


That’s it for now.  I hope everyone is going to have an awesome July!

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