May 2015 Newsletter

The Earl’s Stolen Bride is Finally Picking Up Speed


And that’s a relief, too, since I was struggling to figure out where the characters wanted to go in the story. 🙂  I’m not the type of author who plots out a book.  I go in knowing how the story starts, and from there, I write to figure out the rest.  As you’d guess, this does involve a lot of uncertainty when writing a book, but I find it’s also the reason why I enjoy it so much.  I never know how any story is going to go until I’m writing it.

In this case, I’ve been able to write a lot more in the past week than I have all month.  I’m now hovering near the halfway point in the story.  I’m really hoping to finish the first draft by the end of this month.  *fingers crossed*

One thing I do enjoy a lot about this story is that the hero is extremely devoted to the heroine.  He’d been in love with her secretly for over a year, and now that she’s a widow, he can finally be with her.  (Of course, being a widow in the Regency era meant you had to be in mourning for a year before you could do marry again, but that isn’t what this couple did and naturally, that is where the bulk of this story is about.)

At the moment, I’m expecting this out in July.

My Novella in A Groom’s Promise Has Turned Into a Novel

a groom's promise

This story keeps going on and on.  It’s just passed the 40,000 word stage.  I expect it to be at 50,000 words or a little more.  I don’t know if I can finish this by the end of this month or not.  It depends on how much longer the characters of this book want it to be. 😉

I keep going back and forth on the title of my novel in this anthology, and I think I’ll just go with The Shy Groom.

I think this will also be out in July.

I Currently Have This On Hold While I Work On The Earl’s Stolen Bride and my novel in A Groom’s Promise


I also have what I’ve done so far with a trusted beta reader to make sure the story is progressing nicely.  This is one of those stories where I’m having trouble deciding what’s best for the characters.  I’m hoping something will click at some point (like it did in The Earl’s Stolen Bride).

I have no idea when this will be out, but I am planning for it to be out this year.  I’m hoping toward the end of this summer.

I’m Going to Finish Up The Enchanted Galaxy Series This Year

These are contemporary fantasy romances. Book 1 is A Royal Engagement, and I published it late last year.  It’s long overdue for me to get the rest of the series finished so I’m going to do that this year.

Book 2:

royal hearts ebook

Book 3:

the royal pursuit ebook cover

I have November and December down, but I might be able to bump it up to either September or October, which is what I’d love to do.

This Has Been Moved Back to a January Release

the convenient mail order bride ebook cover

I just can’t fit it in with everything else for this year.  My calendar is too full with my other projects, and I promised my publisher I’d get A Groom’s Promise and Wagon Trail Bride to  them this year.  The others I’m publishing myself, so I can switch the dates on those as I need to.

As excited as I am about this book, I have to push it back.  There’s not enough time to write everything I want to. 😀

I hope everyone will have a terrific May!


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