June 2015 Newsletter

The Earl’s Stolen Bride is now Available!


I wanted to wait until this was out before I made this blog post.

Here’s the description:

Orlando Emmett, the Earl of Reddington, has one regret in his life: letting the lady of his dreams go. Before he could make his feelings known to Miss Chloe Boyle, he found out she married Lord Hawkins. Night after night, he’d think of all the things he should have told her when he had the chance, and all he could do was watch her, secretly admiring her from afar.

A year later, fate intervenes. News of Lord Hawkins’ death has just given him a second chance, an opportunity to make his dreams come true, but he’ll have to risk a scandal to take it.

Chloe was relieved when news came of her husband’s death. The two had hardly spoken more than a few words to each other before he left for India on their wedding day. And a full year passed with only polite correspondence between them. While some envied her marriage, the aching loneliness in her life only reminded her that money couldn’t buy happiness.

Fate intervenes when a friend takes her just outside of London to meet Orlando, a handsome stranger she only barely remembers. During her entire marriage to Lord Hawkins, all she’d wanted was a husband who’d love her so much he’d give up anything to be with her. And now she just might get her wish, if only she’s strong enough to take it.

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It should be up on iBooks and other channels soon.

Finished with A Groom’s Promise

a groom's promise

Both Janet Syas Nitsick and I completed our stories in the anthology, A Groom’s Promise.  Right now we’re on edits.  I think we’re going to wait until January for this one.  Long story short, the edits are intense and so will be the formatting.  With co-authored projects, it’s just hard to get things together, so it takes longer to get a book ready.  (Plus, I’m moving to another state, which means less time being able to work on this with her.)

I’ll Write in Wagon Trial Bride When I Have Time


Since I am in the process of moving, things are going to be hectic.  It’ll be easier for me to polish up books for the Enchanted Galaxy Series than try to work on a new one.  I will do what I can in Wagon Trail Bride.  I’d love to have it out in September, but that is a very tentative release month.  It’s likely it’ll be later.

Putting This On Hold

the convenient mail order bride ebook cover

I love this story idea, but I have to put it on hold because of the move.  At this point, this one will have to wait for 2016.  I had to decide between this one and Wagon Trail Bride, and since people have been waiting patiently (and for a long time) for Wagon Trail Bride, I’m going to put my efforts in Wagon Trail Bride.

My Focus Will Be On Finishing Up The Enchanted Galaxy Series

(This is a fantasy romance series set in a contemporary time period.)

royal hearts ebook

Since this is a light rewrite, progress is fast in this one.  This is Book 2.  I should be halfway done by Monday.

the royal pursuit ebook cover

This one should also be a light rewrite.  This is Book 3.

royal heiress ebook cover

I wasn’t going to do Book 4, but as I was thinking of how Book 3 played out, I realized I need Book 4 to complete the series.  Books 1-3 feature Ann and Hathor as the main couple.  Book 4 is about their daughter when she assumes the throne.  In order to dismiss Book 4, I’d have to do serious changes to Book 3, and I like Book 3 the way it is.  So I am adding this, and I would like to get this out by the end of the year with the other books.

But there is something about Book 4 that is unlike the other books I usually do: this one will have no sex in it.  It’s not set up for it, so sex would add nothing to the story.  I don’t believe in adding sex for the sake for sex.  It has to serve a purpose to the plot, and in this case, it doesn’t.  So the heat level is squeaky clean.  This is one of my PG books.  All that happens in a kiss.  (As you know, I rarely write PG.)  Books 1-3 do have sex in them.

I want to publish all three out in the same time frame, which will be this fall.  So I’m going to try to get it all done this summer.


That’s all I got for this month.  I hope everyone has a great June!


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