July 2015 Newsletter

This month, I’m moving.  Up to now, I’ve been getting everything ready to move.  But early this month, I actually pick up from my old home and go to my new one. 🙂

That being the case, I’m only doing light work during this hectic time.  I started the Enchanted Galaxy Series last year with A Royal Engagement, which was book 1.  So I figured I might as well work on the next three books in the series and finish the whole thing up.  These books are already written.  I’m just going through and polishing them up, which makes them easy enough to work on while I’m moving.

I tried to work on Wagon Trail Bride, but between phone calls, running to do errands, and buying and selling houses, it just hasn’t been possible.

Working on the Enchanted Galaxy Series To Get it Ready for November 22 (or sooner, if luck prevails)

I wanted to make the Enchanted Galaxy Series fantasy romances, which means the focus is on the romance, but after going through book 2 and 3, I realized they are romantic fantasies.  

This means the focus is more on the fantasy.  Book 1 worked as a fantasy romance, but the other three books won’t.

So I’m just giving everyone a heads up now.  If fantasy doesn’t appeal to you, this might not be your cup of tea.  I do have romances woven in the next three books, but they aren’t the main plot.

As a quick reminder, this is book 1:

a royal engagement ebook cover

In this book (which is already published), Ann Kerwin from planet Earth learns she is going to be a queen on a planet called Raz, and even more, the young man who’s come to get her will be her husband.

If you haven’t read this yet, I am planning to set the price at $0.99 when I publish the other three books, so hold off on buying it.  Right now it’s $2.99. I don’t want to lower the price until the other books are out.  I plan to have all three books published no later than November 22.  (If I’m lucky, I might get them all out before then, but we’ll see.  Part of it depends on my editor’s busy schedule.)  If you’re on my email list, then I plan to offer a special deal, but the deal is only available for people on the list.  (I want to give something special for people who are on the list with every story I publish. :D)

Anyway, here’s my progress on the next three books in the Enchanted Galaxy Series.

Royal Hearts (Book 2)

royal hearts ebook

I am done with this one and have handed this off to my editor.  In this one, Ann (the queen of Raz) is sent back in time to Earth where William (her ex-boyfriend in book 1) is going to try to win her over so she never marries Hathor.  I bring in the greek gods and goddesses (the Olympians) and Palers from book 1 back in this one.

The Royal Pursuit (Book 3)

the royal pursuit ebook cover

I am in the middle of this one.  Ann (queen of Raz) is sent to another planet to retrieve the Stone of Immortality the Nicals stole from the Olympians.  While on there, she is kidnapped by someone who tries to convince her to divorce Hathor for him.  I bring in the Palers and William back to this one.

Once done with this, I’ll give it to my editor.

Royal Heiress (Book 4)

royal heiress ebook cover

I plan to work on this one later this month.  Queen Ann’s daughter, Amanda, has just become queen of Raz, and her first order of business will be getting a husband.  She thinks this task has been thwarted when she’s called on her first mission, but it’s not.  In this book, I bring in the greek gods and goddesses (from Olympia, again).  I also bring in a prominent character from book 3.  I don’t want to spoil it by saying who.

Will Have to Return to Wagon Trail Bride in mid-to-late August

My goal is to make it quick for all three of these books.  That way I can get back to Wagon Trail Bride as soon as possible.  I should also be settled into my new home by then, too, so that will help me be able to pick up on writing a new story again.

Ideally, I’ll have finished the entire Enchanted Galaxy Series by the time I make my next post over here.  *fingers crossed*

Hope everyone has a great July!


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