August 2015 Newsletter

The Rest of the Enchanted Galaxy Series is With the Editor! (A Royal Engagement is Book 1 and is already out.)

royal hearts ebookthe royal pursuit ebook coverroyal heiress ebook cover

I’m officially done with my part of working on these books, and they are off to the editor.  I told her no rush.  My publishing goal for all of these books is November.  I plan to publish them at the same time.

If fantasy is not your thing, you probably want to skip them.  While romance is there, the fantasy is pretty dominant.  I couldn’t get around it with the way the plots were set up.  To make them less fantasy-ish, I’d have to change the stories, and honestly, I’d rather focus on my current works in progress.

Wagon Trail Bride (Pioneer Series: Book 1)


I think I finally worked out the kinks in this one.  (I really hope I did, anyway.) This has been one of the hardest books I’ve ever written.  Trying to figure out how I got Amanda and Richard Larson to marry has been the biggest challenge in this whole thing.  I know there’s a lot of expectations on this story, and I want to make sure it lives up to its expectations.

I’m in chapter six now (which is 14,000 words in), so I still have a ways to go.  My estimate is to have this out in December or January.  We’ll see.  But this will be going to my publisher, Parchment & Plume.

His Wicked Lady (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 1)

His Wicked Lady ebook cover

I’ve officially started my next Regency series.  This picks right up where the last series (Marriage by Deceit) ended.  Helena, Chloe, and Melissa are going to be arranging some marriages, and their first couple will involve Melissa’s very own brother, Malcolm Jasper (from Ruined by the Earl).  And, as you might have guessed, I’ve decided to pair him up with a lady who can teach him it’s okay to stop stressing over silly things like the Ton’s rules.  I expect this one to be a lot of fun.

I’d like to get this out in January 2016.

The Convenient Mail Order Bride

(standalone in the Mail Order Brides Collection)

the convenient mail order bride ebook cover

This is a standalone book.  It doesn’t come as a part of a series.  It is, however, a book I am writing that features a mail-order bride.  That being the case, I am putting it in with the Mail Order Brides Collection.  Each book in this collection is a standalone, so there aren’t any order they have to be read.

I do so many series that I like to take a break and do standalone romances from time to time.  It helps me to stay creative if I can do a variety of stories.  In this case, the hero wasn’t told someone placed an ad on his behalf, so when his mail-order bride shows up, he’s not too happy.  Don’t worry.  He doesn’t take it out on her.  The man who wrote the ad didn’t tell her he wasn’t really the hero.  I’ll have to see where things go.  At the moment, I’m only at chapter 2 when she finds out she’s been lied to.  (The hero won’t find out until a little later.)

I’d like to have this out in January.  *fingers crossed*

That’s about it for now.  I hope everyone has a fun August!

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