October 2017 Newsletter

The Bride Price is due out later this month.


I still haven’t set a release date. I’m waiting on my last proofreader to get the book back to me.  From there, I’ll pick the date.  I’ll make a special post on this blog when it’s available. Right now the date is set in November, but I know it’ll be out before then.

This is Sep’s story. (Sep was Joel Larson’s younger brother-in-law in Shotgun Groom.)

This book is the first one in the Misled Mail Order Brides Series. Here are the books I have planned for it:

  • Book 1: The Bride Price
  • Book 2: The Rejected Groom
  • Book 3: The Perfect Wife

Almost done with Married In Haste

Married In Haste ebook cover

Married In Haste is the long anticipated book in the Marriage by Fate Series.  Book 1 is The Reclusive Earl. Book 2 is Married In Haste. Book 3 is going to be Make Believe Bride. I plan to do a Book 4, but I haven’t come up with a title for it yet.

This book features Miss Ava Baynes and Brad Bachman, Earl of Youngtown. I introduced Ava in The Reclusive Earl, and I introduced Brad in The Rake’s Vow. He was Loretta’s older brother.

I am hoping to have this out at the very end of December. *fingers crossed*

I’m about 4 chapters into The Rejected Groom

The Rejected Groom Ebook Cover

I’m really enjoying this one. I suspect it’ll be my favorite in the Misled Mail Order Brides Series. This will be Anthony (aka Tony) Larson’s romance. Tony Larson is one of the twin sons that Amanda and Richard Larson had.

I’m in Chapter 7 of Wanted: Mail Order Husband


This book starts the Fort Benton Series. I’m at the point in the book where I’m not sure where to go next, so I’ve been focusing on the other stories instead. I don’t want to take the story off the right course.  I want this to be worth reading, so I’m just taking it slow for now on this one.

I think I’ll end it there for this month. There’s really not much else to report, and I don’t want to repeat all the stuff I did last month. 🙂


I hope everyone has a great October!


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