November 2019 Newsletter

Forever Yours is now available!

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I have put it in the Nebraska Series because their other two books are there. Plus, they fit in with the first generation of Larsons, and all of the first generation is within the Nebraska Series.

Here are the books in order:

  • Her Heart’s Desire (Sally Larson’s romance)
  • A Bride for Tom (Tom Larson’s romance)
  • A Husband for Margaret
  • Eye of the Beholder (Dave and Mary’s first book)
  • The Wrong Husband (Jenny Larson’s romance)
  • Shotgun Groom (Joel Larson’s romance)
  • To Have and To Hold (Dave and Mary’s second book)
  • His Redeeming Bride
  • Forever Yours (Dave and Mary’s third book)
  • Isaac’s Decision (Isaac is a second generation Larson but this book wraps up the subplot between Dave Larson and Neil Craftsman I started in Eye of the Beholder)

About this book

With that aside, Forever Yours is a cute romantic comedy. We’ve already established Dave and Mary are in love, and they’ve had some difficult times in the past. I thought for a chance of pace it would be nice to give them a lighthearted story line.

I bring back the first generation Larsons, so you can get an update on them and revisit old friends. 🙂 It was a lot of fun to write this, and I’m glad I did. With this book, the first generation of Larsons’ stories officially come to a close, and I will continue with the second generation of Larsons in the future.

Here’s where you can find it:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble



Google Play

Payhip (use coupon M0Z0ST6QRN to get 50% off; coupon expires November 7)


I’ll be going through the final edits on

The Outlaw’s Bride soon!

This is Book 1 in the Wyoming Series.

The Outlaw's Bride ebook cover3


I’m planning to have this out in January. Right now I’m going through the final touches. In the meantime, please comment below if you read The Stagecoach Bride (co-written with Stephannie Beman).

This is the cover for The Stagecoach Bride:

The Stagecoach Bride new ebook cover


Homeschooling has really slowed my writing. I knew it would slow things down to a point, but it’s slowed them more than I had expected. I don’t know when these books will be ready, but this is what I’m currently working on.

Here’s what I’m currently writing and where I’m at:

Breaking The Rules (Marriage by Design: Book 1)

Breaking The Rules new ebook cover2

I was able to reach 33,000 words this past week, which puts me somewhere in the middle of the story. Our heroine, who is disguised as a gentleman, is currently at White’s so she could talk to her husband since he refuses to have anything to do with her after she trapped him into marriage.

This is a comedy. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. So my aim is to make most of this funny, and it is. Lord Edon and Mr. Christopher Robinson and the secondary story that leads into Book 2 provide the bulk of the humor. But our heroine does have to deal with the consequences of her past actions. I’m not sure how yet, but the story usually unfolds as I’m writing it. Any time I’ve plotted in the past, the story changed on me.

The Duke’s Secluded Bride (Marriage by Fairytale: Book 5)

The Duke's Secluded Bride ebook cover

Here are the other books in this series:

  • The Marriage Contract
  • One Enchanted Evening
  • The Wedding Pact
  • Fairest of Them All
  • The Duke’s Secluded Bride

I think this book will wrap up the series. I’m not sure if I’m at the halfway point or not. I have no idea how long this book will be. I’m in the 25,000 word range. I was originally hoping to have this out in Spring 2020, but it might be later in the year. I want to make these stories the best they can be, and given how slow things are going, it might take me longer to get done.

The Rancher’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 2)

The Rancher's Bride ebook cover3

This book follows The Outlaw’s Bride. This one is easier to write than The Duke’s Secluded Bride. I’m in a transition stage in The Duke’s Secluded Bride, and every time I get to a transition stage from point A to point B, things naturally slow down. In the meantime, I’ve been able to write in this one, and I’m almost at 17,000 words.


That’s about it for now. Remember, if you’ve read The Stagecoach Bride, please let me know in the comments below!



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