July 2021 Newsletter

An Earl In Time is due out July 17!

This is a standalone fairytale Regency romance.

I finally got a description for this done. 🙂

Willow Knudson just inherited an English estate that she intends to sell. There are two problems. One, she’s unable to sign the contract, and two, she can’t even leave the property. She’s not superstitious by nature, but common sense tells her something strange is going on.

In 1817, Julian Azazel, the Earl of Blackwell, went to his country estate to tend to his father’s funeral. That evening a missive came from a stranger warning him that when the clock struck midnight, he was going to be cursed to relive the same day. He laughed it off and threw the missive in the fire. Two centuries later, he’s no longer laughing. The curse is real.

From before they were born, Willow and Julian were destined to meet on June 17, 1817.

Willow had assumed wealthy and titled gentlemen would be snobs, but Julian turns out to be the kindest person she’s ever met. And even better, he’s more attractive in person than he was in his portrait. It’s enough of a temptation to convince her to stay in the past forever.

At long last, the aching loneliness that has plagued Julian’s life for centuries is at an end. Not only is there someone who understands what he has been going through, but she’s far lovelier than he recalls any of the ladies in London being. But isn’t it selfish to ask a lady from another time to give up everything to live under a curse with him?

The path to happy endings can get complicated, especially when magic is involved.

This fairytale romance features a dark villain, a curse, fairies, a hero who is an earl from the Regency era, and a heroine from modern times. People who enjoy Grimm’s fairy tales and romance will enjoy this tale of true love conquering the darkest of curses.

If this sounds like your kind of story and you want to pre-order it, you can find it at these links:

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(This is currently on all retailers except for Google Play and Payhip.)

Interview for a Wife (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 3) is with the editor

Right now, I have this set for September. I’d love to get it out a month early, but that all depends on how soon I can get The Cursed Earl done.

I’m in Chapter 9 of The Cursed Earl (Marriage by Necessity: Book 2)

I figure this puts me 1/4 of the way through the story. I don’t know if I can get this out in October. I’d love to, but I might have to keep the November slot. This week, we’ve been without internet in the house, and while writing a book is not reliant on the internet, I have four kids who keep coming up to me almost on an hourly basis to ask me when the internet will be restored. The kid part is what has made it difficult to get writing done.

I got to the wedding day between the hero and heroine today. I’m hoping things will really pick up at this point. There is something going on with the “curse”, but I haven’t narrowed it down yet. The person I thought was guilty is turning out to be innocent. So I’m still navigating my way around this angle. The hero is not really cursed. That would make the book supernatural, and it’s not meant to be a supernatural story. It’s a Regency set in the normal world. For that to work, the curse needs to have a reasonable answer.

Also, this book isn’t the comedy I was anticipating. I have a subplot that might or might not work. I have to keep writing to figure it out. So at the moment, it’s a bit of a mess, but I’ll get through it. 😀

I’m at Chapter 5 in The Loner’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 4)

This is Jeremiah’s romance. If anyone remembers, Jeremiah was adamantly opposed to weddings and marriage in the first three books of this series (The Outlaw’s Bride, The Rancher’s Bride, and The Fugitive’s Bride). So it was to my great surprise when Jeremiah took one look at Katie (our heroine) and became this awkward and shy hero. I thought he wasn’t going to be attracted to her until about halfway into the story. I knew she would be attracted to him right away, so that part came as no surprise.

But Jeremiah has thrown me for a loop. This is going to change the course of the story. I still need to get some young men to come by in hopes of courting Katie. Jeremiah isn’t going to make his feelings known right away. He will at some point, but at least he’s willing to let Katie meet some of these other men and find out how much she really wants to be with him instead. Katie’s the type to go after what she wants, and I’m thinking it’ll be fun to watch her go after Jeremiah (while making Jeremiah think he’s the one pursuing her). Fun times. 😉

I’m at Chapter 8 in Suitable for Marriage (Husbands for the Larson Sisters: Book 3)

This is turning into a cute story. Alex (our hero) is going along just fine with letting Erin (our heroine) pair him up with someone else. I didn’t expect it, but it turns out that Daisy is starting to sympathize with Alex. I suspect Daisy is going to secretly help Alex.

I really love Tom and Jessica Larson’s four daughters. They are such a hoot when they’re together.


My kid who is with me at the coffee shop (for the Wifi) is bored and talking to me, so I’m going to wrap up this blog post. If this blog post seems clunky, it’s because I don’t have time to edit it. If the links don’t work, I apologize. I’m on a laptop with a keyboard I’m not used to since I couldn’t haul my desktop computer here, and it’s been throwing me off on the copy and paste function. Hopefully, next month, I’ll be able to make the blog post on my regular computer so the post will be cleaner.

Hope everyone has a great July!

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