June 2021 Newsletter

A Perilous Marriage is Now Out!

Quick reference for all the books in the Marriage by Necessity Series:

APM ebook cover  The Cursed Earl MBN Book 2  Heiress of Misfortune MBN 3 maybe Book 4

What A Perilous Marriage is about (in a nutshell):

Eris, a wallflower and spinster, finally gets her chance to marry someone. On her wedding night, it turns out her new husband dies, but no one (including her) finds out about it until the next day. So poor Eris is left widowed and without even the possibility of having children all in one night.

Charles, known for jumping to conclusions in Kidnapping the Viscount, has once again jumped to conclusions. He is convinced that Eris murdered her husband. Her husband, by the way, happens to have been his best friend. Since he can’t convince the law that his friend was murdered, he sets out to prove it himself.

This is a story where the hero doesn’t trust the heroine right away, but he needs to play the role of the doting suitor. So he’s going to pretend to be in love with her. This is a romance, so there will be a happy ending.

If this setup sounds like the kind of book you’d like to read, here is where you can find it:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble



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I had to shuffle around some of my anticipated release dates on the books in order to free up some room in my day-to-day schedule. Long story short, we have a family member who will soon be joining the Lord, and my oldest just graduated high school. Things have been a bit hectic. To make sure my books are the best quality they can be, I had to pull back and take extra time away from the computer.

Below is the new publishing schedule:

An Earl In Time will be out July 17

This is with an editor, but it’s the final editing stages at this point. So there’s no reason why I can’t get this out next month. Despite starting this later than Interview for a Wife and Suitable for Marriage, the words just flowed so fast on this story that it was done sooner than the other books.

I bumped this up because I’m only on the second editing stage with Interview for a Wife.

Interview for a Wife will be out September 25

Here are the books in the Nebraska Prairie Series:

20200920_ThePurchasedBride 20200921_TheBridesChoice 20200917_interviewforawife3

I’m still going through the second edits, and then I’ll hand it off to my editor. Interview for a Wife will conclude the series.

The Cursed Earl is set for November 7

I haven’t gotten far in this one, so I had to push it back from September when I had hoped to publish it. I think I’m only on Chapter 4.

The Loner’s Bride has been set for January 23.

Here are the books in the Wyoming Series:

TheOutlawBrideFinalEbookCover TheRanchersBrideFinal3 TheFugitivesBride2 The Loner's Bride ebook cover

I haven’t started it yet, but since I’m itching to write this, I thought I’d bump it ahead of Suitable for Marriage. For those who wanted Jeremiah to get his story, this one will go to him. 😀

Suitable for Marriage is set for March 27

Here are the books in the Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series:

Nelly's Mail Order Husband for website Perfectly Matched Ebook smaller Suitable for Marriage Book 3 Ebook-smaller Book 4 to come

I only pushed this back because The Loner’s Bride is pushing me harder to get started on it.

Heiress of Misfortune is set for May 15

I haven’t forgotten this one, but I did push it to May because I want to get Suitable for Marriage done and out.


I am making myself focus on writing The Cursed Earl, The Loner’s Bride, Suitable for Marriage, and Heiress of Misfortune so I don’t have to readjust this new publishing schedule. Since we’re in June, there should be sufficient time to get these done by the release dates.

I hope everyone has a great June!

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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