November 2018 Newsletter

Sorry I didn’t post a newsletter on this blog last month. I thought I did, but I was in my author blog instead and didn’t realize it. 😛 LOL As my mom used to say, “If my head wasn’t attached to my body, I’d forget it.”

This time, I’m making sure to make this post on the right blog. Without further ado, here we go…

One Enchanted Evening is still in edits

One Enchanted Evening ebook cover

Soon I’ll be getting this one back from the final person in my editing team. I have scheduled this for a January 6 release. This one is my second gothic romance, but it takes place within the Regency world I write in. I’ll give more information about this next month.

This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Fairytale Series. (Book 1 is The Marriage Contract.)

The Imperfect Husband is over halfway done

The Imperfect Husband ebook cover 6

It might actually be 3/4 of the way done. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to finish. I’m going to keep working on it until it’s done. At the moment, I’m at 46,000 words. I typically write between 50,000 to 70,000 words. So I’m getting there. I just want to make sure I wrap up the subplot between Mark and Tony since they need to work through Mark’s lie in The Rejected Groom.

This is Annabelle Larson’s romance, and it’s Book 4 in the Misled Mail Order Brides Series. (Book 1 is The Bride Price, Book 2 is The Rejected Groom, and Book 3 is The Perfect Wife.)

Shane’s Deal is about halfway done

Shane's Deal new ebook cover

I’m around 33,000 words into this one, and I’m happy with the progress. I was wondering when I could get to one of the past couples from the Montana Collection since this is Book 4, and I finally got a way to bring Boaz and Eva (from Boaz’s Wager, which is Book 2) into this story. This story takes place before Eva gets pregnant, so you’re only going to see Leroy and Hannah. I’m not sure if Greg or Patty will show up. I know for sure Mitch and Heather won’t make it into the story. I only bring people in if they can add to the plot.

Anyway, for a quick reminder, this series has these books: Mitch’s Win (Book 1), Boaz’s Wager (Book 2), Patty’s Gamble (Book 3), and Shane’s Deal will finish this up with Book 4.

Kidnapping the Viscount has passed the 1/4 way mark

Kidnapping the Viscount Ebook Cover

This is a fun book. It’s a comedy. I enjoy doing the serious books, but the comedies are like a breath of fresh air. Sometimes it’s good to laugh. 🙂 This will finish up the Marriage by Fate Series. (Book 1 is The Reclusive Earl, Book 2 is Married In Haste, Book 3 is Make Believe Bride, and Book 4 is The Perfect Duke.)

I have a book under my pen name that’s currently in edits

You're Next ebook cover2

I mentioned working on this book because when I brought it up on my author blog, a couple of people expressed an interest in knowing the title and my pen name. This is about a high school girl who sees her classmate kill another student. And the killer is coming after her to keep her quiet. This is a standalone novella.

Hope everyone has a great November!


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