August 2020 Newsletter

The Fugitive’s Bride is due out August 29!

(This is Book 3 in the Wyoming Series.)


The question I’ve been getting the most about this series is whether or not Jeremiah will be getting his own book.  I didn’t feel that Jeremiah needed his own book because the ending I gave him in this one is what truly makes him happy. So no, he won’t be getting his own book. This is the last book in this series.

Here is the complete series:

TheOutlawBrideFinalEbookCover  TheRanchersBrideFinal3  TheFugitivesBride2

It feels good to finally complete the series. I think it was 2012(?) when Stephannie Beman and I started it. I’m glad my friend and fellow author, Stephannie, let me pick up the reins with it. This is one of my all-time favorite series, and it was a joy to work on it.

This one is Wade’s book, and in it, the family makes their move to get the ranch back. Beforehand, though, Wade marries the young woman he saved at the end of The Outlaw’s Bride so that if something happens to him, his son will have a mother to take care of him.

This was my favorite of the three books, but unlike The Rancher’s Bride, this doesn’t have the comedic scenes in it. This one is more serious all the way through. There are a few lighthearted moments, but overall, it’s about dealing with pain without losing one’s faith in the good life has to offer.

You can pre-order it here:

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I’m Close to the End of Nobody’s Fool

(This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Design Series.)

Nobody's Fool ebook cover5

Here are the books in the Marriage by Design Series:

Breaking The Rules new ebook cover2  Nobody's Fool ebook cover5  A Deceptive Wager ebook cover

I figure I’m about 90% done with this book. I know where it’s heading and how it’ll end. Now, it’s just a matter of writing it out.

Nobody’s Fool is a cute romantic comedy. I’ve had a lot of fun with this series. It’s given me a lot of laughs. If you enjoy my weird sense of humor, I think you’ll enjoy Nobody’s Fool and A Deceptive Wager. The heroine struggles to find a way to convince the hero he shouldn’t fall in love with her. The hero is oblivious to all of her schemes, and that’s what makes this so funny.

I plan to have this book out in October. *fingers crossed*


A Deceptive Wager should be out in January.

(This is Book 3 in the Marriage by Design Series.)

A Deceptive Wager ebook cover

I’m not really sure how far I am from being done with this one. It’s going to be longer than Nobody’s Fool. The hero and heroine are still at odds with each other, and I’m about 45,000 words into it. I’m not sure yet HOW they will ever get along. I’ve thrown them into a situation where they now have to spend all of their time together, and I’m hoping that will show me something I can use because while both were being chaperoned, I wasn’t getting anywhere to a happy ending. I know the happy ending is there. It’s just a matter of finding it. It’s just a matter of trusting the process and seeing the story through.

Despite the trouble I’m having finding that moment where things turn for the better for these two, I am enjoying this book a lot. There’s a lot of great conflict. I love that the heroine is standing up to him every step of the way, and I love that she’s not taking what he’s doing lying down. He is being unreasonable. (Mandating that she has a chaperone, making her wear “proper” clothes, and having the chaperone check for evidence she didn’t come to the marriage already pregnant by watching for her period.) If I just married someone who was doing that to me, I’d do the same things the heroine ends up doing to him. So this heroine has a lot of me in her. (And my husband often says I’m one “feisty” chick.) 😀


I started Perfectly Matched!

(This is Book 2 in the Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series.)

Perfectly Matched Ebook smaller

This series will have four books (one featuring each of Tom and Jessica Larson’s daughters). Right now I have two of them with their covers.

Nelly's Mail Order Husband for website  Perfectly Matched Ebook smaller Two more to come

Finally, at long last, I am back to the Larsons! This book is Patricia Larson’s story. Now that Nelly is happily married, the Larson sisters are turning their attention to the next one of them who’ll get a husband. Both Patricia and Erin are of marriageable age, and they’re both eager to find a bachelor who will take an interest in them.

As luck (or my sense of humor) has it, Val’s friend (from Nelly’s Mail Order Husband) comes to Nebraska with the expectation he will marry one of Nelly’s wealthy sisters and have all of his problems taken care of. When he left his home, he left the family business, so he’s destitute. Val never told him that Nelly wasn’t the wealthy business owner they both thought she was when Val answered the mail-order husband ad, so Jim’s just had a rude awakening.

Nelly isn’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, and neither are any of her sisters. But he’s about to find out that two of the sisters are more than eager to marry him. It’s just a matter of picking the one he wants. (Being Patricia’s book, we already know it’s going to be her.) I’m not sure where things are going from there, but it’ll be fun to find out.


Hope everyone has a good August!

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